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All-Nighter Pro Tips

So I’ve been running into a problem the past few weeks. I can stay up and work till about 5 in the morning, but then I start to reach incredibly diminishing returns on my ability to work. It’s 6 AM now, and I’m on fire, so I thought I’d share some fun and frivolry from this morning.

Step 1: 4 hours of techno music playing on Pandora through your TV speakers from a Roku. But why? Why do I need such a proliferation of technology? Cuz all night long I’ve heard one advertisement from the Roku version of Pandora. Eff the Texas lottery and their new games that they keep advertising to me.

Step 2: Every 2 hours, get a snack and some caffeine. I recommend some Archer’s Sweet Cajun trail mix (this stuff rocks my freaking world), mixed in with some peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. For caffeine, I’m really into the Mountain Dew Code Red => V8 Fusion Acai Berry (technically not caffeinated, but it gives me a lot of energy) => Hot Tea => Snapple combo. It keeps the energy coming without getting too buzzed out all at once.

Step 3: After you get tired of techno music, listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. The brass section makes you feel like a complete badass at staying awake, and the flutey/Shire parts will touch your soul and make you cry and wish you were back in the Shire (aka your bed). That soundtrack is so freaking good…

Step 4: Periodically, but briefly, distract yourself to go the bathroom, write blog posts, etc. Sometimes you think a lot better when you get up and move around.

Step 5: As the sun is rising, listen to Jeff Buckley’s rendition of “Hallelujah”. You should be feeling completely one with the world and possibly hallucinating at how awesome that song is, especially given your awful circumstances.

Step 6: Go back to work and finish the damn thing. Like me. Look at me. I have two buggy implementations to attend to if I want to make it out of here with a Computer Science degree. (Yes, I hyperdramatize every single assignment as if my whole degree depended on it. Success is earned anew every day.)

Later, internet.