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Why was I wearing a viking hat squawking at ducks on campus at 5 AM this morning?

Well, let’s start with the viking hat. I left for Hunt Library (Club Hunt, as we so affectionately call it) at 1:30 AM, and I saw a viking hat on the floor of the house on the way out. I was already on my way to go conquer my homework, so it seemed only fitting to put on the viking hat for MAXIMUM CONQUERING.

Now I’ve tipped my hat (hahaha good one, Andy) as to why I was on campus at 5 AM. I left at 1:30 for club hunt, got my usual 16 oz mocha latte from Maggie Murph (God bless their souls, those nighttime coffee maker people), and was doing my homework from then on.

So all that’s left is the squawking. First of all, I’ve never seen a duck at CMU before, so it was kind of awesome. But here’s the deal: my homework was to record the most interesting sounds I could find for an upcoming project. I’ve never thought like a sound designer before, but this morning I legitimately stopped what I was doing to experiment with the different techniques I could come up with play music on a street lamp. All of a sudden I had to touch everything around me and see what sounds I could make. What if I hit an object on its base or its side? Or scraped my hand across it? Or poked it with wood or metal? I spent some 3 or 4 hours just collecting random sounds from the University Center and the Center for Fine Arts, and it was awesome. I got greedy, though, thinking that the ducks would answer me so I could record them. They were all like, “talk to the tail” and just walked away.

In other news, we have a lot of earthworms on the sidewalk in the morning. It was cool slash gross to see the march of the worm brigade.




Obligatory Uninteresting First Post

Hey there world,

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and now that I own a domain name I feel like the time has come to act! First posts are like the first day of class, though. Just hand out the syllabus and say, “Ok. Next time we’re actually going to do something.”

-Andy Biar